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BetterWeb was born from the idea that small business should be able to market better, have better website experiences, and have better brand presence…without spending an arm and a leg. You deserve all of the personalized service, strategic thinking, and top expertise that large agencies provide.

Hence, BetterWeb. Our partnership introduces you to a network of experienced marketing professionals who have proven their value for years. We keep our costs low by engaging vetted freelancers for your project, only when necessary. We've worked with our freelancers on numerous projects and trust them to provide you the level of service you deserve and expect.

To us, you're not just a number. Marketing is a relationship business and we're dedicated to creating connections – for us, for you, for your clients. We're different because we want to be better. We're BetterWeb.

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Erin Kerrigan, Marketing Strategist at BetterWeb

Erin Kerrigan

A seasoned marketing strategist with two decades of expertise, Erin thrives at the intersection of business strategy and the dynamic world of marketing. She loves to collaborate with clients across diverse industries and growth stages, harnessing marketing for meaningful and measurable business outcomes. With a unique blend of client and agency experience, Erin ensures that companies unlock their full potential.

Hailing from Cleveland, she's an outdoor enthusiast, often found enjoying quality time with her husband, two girls, and golden retriever.

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Erin Barr, Marketing Project Manager of BetterWeb

Erin Barr

With a rich background in marketing spanning over a decade, Erin thrives as a web strategist and project management expert, skillfully merging digital marketing and content strategy, with a keen focus on SEO and lead nurturing. Unapologetically enthusiastic, she never shies away from liberally using exclamation points!

Beyond work, she's passionate about discovering new gems in the Cleveland area, orchestrating theme parties, and cherishing moments with her family and two beloved rescue dogs.

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Danni Bennett, Developer and Technologist of BetterWeb

Danni Bennett

With 25+ years in the web industry, Danni Bennett has done a little bit of everything. With skills in user experience, information architecture, marketing, web development, search engine optimization, and technology integration, she is the go-to expert at BetterWeb for anything technical.

A native of Ohio, Danni has two daughters and is a born geek who loves technology, video games, and reading. She's also passionate about charity work and has served as a Girl Scout leader for 12 years.

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